With over 25 years of training experience, Marisa has been dedicated to sports performance and nutrition most of her life. While raising two children, she became the raw powerlifting World Champion and National Champion (5x over) in the IPF/USAPL. In addition, she holds multiple national and world records. Even with all her experience, she relies on the help of other experts to achieve her goals. Marisa continues to use our powerful RP Diet Coach app to optimize her performance and physique year-round.

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Meet Our Athletes

Our Athletes and Influencers come from different walks of life - different sports, interests, nations, and backgrounds. The one thing that ties them all together is the passion for evidence-based sports science and nutrition information and application. Click on their profile to check out their Instagram and see how they use RP Strength to help them reach their goals.

Annie Thorisdottir
First Woman to Win CrossFit Games 2X, 12X Games Athlete

Nick Walker
2022 Mr. Olympia 3rd, 2021
Arnold Classic Champion

Christian Harris
Founder of MFLH, CrossFit Games Athlete

Melody Schofield
CrossFitter & 3X American Ninja Warrior Competitor

Jes Franklin
USA Weightlifting Competitor, 71kg Class

Najee Richardson
American Ninja Warrior Athlete & Guinness World Record Holder

Molly Eledge
Fitness Enthusiast & Proud Owner of Belle and Bell